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Mutlicolor Cropped Ribbed Sweater

735.00 EGP565.00 EGP
When you can't just have one color, go for four! Our Mutlicolor Cropped Ribbed Sweater pairs perfectly with a plain pant or skirt to give you just enough oomph. Brand:...
Dark Beige

Oversize V-Neck Sweater Vest

1,299.00 EGP799.00 EGP
Turn prep into trend with our Oversize V-Neck Sweater Vest! Great to wear between seasons or just when you need enough warmth, this is the perfect piece for your closet!...

V-Neck Oversize Knit Sweater Vest

1,799.00 EGP1,399.00 EGP
Featuring a textured pattern, our classic V-Neck Oversize Knit Sweater Vest offers a dramatic v-neck and sleeve to finish off all your looks. Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

Patterned Denim Vest

1,999.00 EGP1,499.00 EGP
Retro yet modern all at the same time, our Patterned Denim Vest offers a cool old-school vibe to spice up all your outfits! Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

V-Neck Slit Sweater Vest

1,699.00 EGP1,399.00 EGP
We love an exaggerated shoulder, don't you? Our V-Neck Slit Sweater Vest checks all the right boxes, wear it tucked in or out to edge up your looks! Brand: OMYO Made...

Argyle Print Sweater Vest

1,499.00 EGP999.00 EGP
A wardrobe essential, our Argyle Print Sweater Vest is the perfect nod to schoolgirl prep! Upgrade your style and pair it with a miniskirt or frayed denim. Brand: OMYO Made...

Zigzag Print Button Cropped Cardigan Vest

1,599.00 EGP999.00 EGP
Funky and a bit playful, our Zigzag Print Button Cropped Cardigan Vest is the perfect piece to switch up your style. Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

Cutout Tank Top

999.00 EGP640.00 EGP
This tank top is the perfect tank top, it takes you from day to night! Rock our Cutout Tank Top and go through your day flawlessly.
Baby Blue

Low Back Cropped Camisole

700.00 EGP500.00 EGP
Pick a color and run, our Low Back Cropped Camisole is an easy addition to your closet and it'll have you reaching for it time and time again.

Argyle Cropped Sweater Vest

1,499.00 EGP999.00 EGP
Throwing it back with this classic, our Argyle Cropped Sweater Vest takes you back and gives you the perfect dose of retro. Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

Patterned Crop Sweater Vest

1,399.00 EGP999.00 EGP
Our Patterned Crop Sweater Vest is cute, stylish, and takes your style to the next level of cool! Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

Striped Oversize Sweater Vest

1,499.00 EGP999.00 EGP
Our Striped Oversize Sweater Vest offers just the right amount of edge. Pair it back with leather pants or even shorts so your style can be social media ready! Brand: OMYO...
Mint/Off White

Oversize Stripe Detail Sweater Vest

1,499.00 EGP1,199.00 EGP
Chic and preppy, our Oversize Stripe Detail Sweater Vest is the perfect take on a classic style. Whether on the streets of Paris, Dubai, or New York, this piece is...

Striped Turtleneck Zipper Sweater Vest

2,199.00 EGP1,499.00 EGP
For that in-between weather, our Striped Turtleneck Zipper Sweater Vest will keep you warm enough. Wear it with a long sleeve tee in the winter or bare arms in the spring...

Oversize Crop Jacket

2,000.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
A nod to the '90s, our Oversize Crop Jacket dresses up your looks and takes you to maximum cool girl vibes!

Belted Crop Jacket

2,699.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
Take your outfits to the next level with our Belted Crop Jacket. Featuring a stunning belt detail to edge up your style and a crop cut so you stay stylish...
Dark Grey

Oval Cut Cropped Denim Jacket

2,399.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
Kick it old school with our Oval Cut Cropped Denim Jacket. A nod to the '90s, your nostalgia will be cured with this piece!

Ribbed Tank Top

799.00 EGP560.00 EGP
You can't go wrong with this necessity, our Ribbed Tank Top is a staple for any wardrobe!

Wavy Patterned Turtleneck

1,299.00 EGP799.00 EGP
Bold, funky, and sure to take your style to the next level, our Wavy Patterned Turtleneck is a great piece to pair with a blazer or jacket and help you stand...

Oversize Denim Jacket

2,699.00 EGP1,600.00 EGP
Denim is unstoppable and our Oversize Denim Jacket is past the finish line! Featuring a stylish and edgy silhouette, this piece is a must-have for any fashionista.

Feather Detail Tie Satin Blouse

1,999.00 EGP1,780.00 EGP
Va va voom! Our Feather Detail Tie Satin Blouse and Pants are fashion-forward, charming, and everything you need to stand out in the crowd! Available in a variety of colors,...

Tweed Blazer

3,699.00 EGP2,099.00 EGP
Elevate your look and be the boss that you are! Whether it's to the office or out with friends to dinner, our Tweed Blazer is the perfect piece to dress up...

Basic V-Neck Sweater

920.00 EGP
Fall, winter, or spring, our Basic V-Neck Sweater is a wardrobe must-have! It's versatile to match all your stylish looks.

Patterned Sweater Vest

1,499.00 EGP999.00 EGP
Take a classic design and mix it up with our Patterned Sweater Vest. Perfect to take you from prep to chic in an instant! Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey