Basic Tops

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Off White/Green

Oversize Short Sleeve Crop Shirt

1,499.00 EGP899.00 EGP
Sail the seas and get ready for the season in our Oversize Short Sleeve Crop Shirt. The perfect everyday top, pair it back with all your favorite pants and skirts...
Off White/Blue

Wide Stripe Collared Shirt

1,499.00 EGP799.00 EGP
Simple and chill, our Wide Stripe Collared Shirt is an easy piece to pair back with any outfit.

Oversize Half Sleeve Crop Sweater Shirt

1,399.00 EGP799.00 EGP
Cute, feminine, and just the perfect touch of edge, our Oversize Half Sleeve Crop Sweater Shirt is a great addition to your closet! Rock it with jeans, oversized pants, or...

Striped Short Sleeve Shirt

999.00 EGP780.00 EGP
The perfect combo, our Striped Short Sleeve Shirt is the perfect everyday piece to match all your outfits!

Striped Collar Cropped T-Shirt

1,200.00 EGP820.00 EGP
Like a piece of candy, our Striped Collar Cropped T-Shirt is so sweet and the perfect choice to play up your style!
Orange/Off White

Patterned Short Sleeve Crop Top T-Shirt

999.00 EGP670.00 EGP
One word, CUTE! Our Patterned Short Sleeve Crop Top T-Shirt goes perfectly with denim or skirts, great an anytime look!

Crew Neck T-Shirt

999.00 EGP780.00 EGP
Put some texture and flair back into your style with our Crew Neck T-Shirt, the perfect basic to pair with flared jeans or a cute skirt!

Striped Cropped T-Shirt

999.00 EGP780.00 EGP
Simple, easy, and a great piece to have in any closet, our Striped Cropped T-Shirt is an essential!

Off Shoulder Crop Fur Knit Top

1,499.00 EGP899.00 EGP
Fluffy, comfy, and oh so stylish, our Off Shoulder Crop Fur Knit Top pairs great with pants and skirts to elevate your look!

Basic Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt

1,200.00 EGP820.00 EGP
Your essential "All the Time" piece, our Basic Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt is a great staple to have in your wardrobe. Shop all the colors and build your collection!