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Cropped Camisole

699.00 EGP420.00 EGP
We don't even need to explain it, you'll just get it! Looking for a Cropped Camisole, check. Shop now and fill your wardrobe with all the colors.

Square Neck Tank Top

700.00 EGP500.00 EGP
Simplicity and perfection is here in our Square Neck Tank Top. Pairing edginess and trend perfectly, this piece is a must-have!

Wavy Strap Tank Top

799.00 EGP500.00 EGP
Whether you pair it with another piece or on its own, our Wavy Strap Tank Top is just what you need as a closet staple!

Basic Tank Top

799.00 EGP560.00 EGP
Simple, understated, and a must-have! Our Basic Tank Top is perfectly layered under all your tops or on its own tucked in with a cute skirt or edgy pants!

Cropped Crew Neck Tank Top

799.00 EGP560.00 EGP
Simple, easy, and always a safe choice! Our Cropped Crew Neck Tank Top is a staple and wardrobe essential.

Crew Neck T-Shirt

999.00 EGP780.00 EGP
Put some texture and flair back into your style with our Crew Neck T-Shirt, the perfect basic to pair with flared jeans or a cute skirt!

Wavy Patterned Turtleneck

1,299.00 EGP799.00 EGP
Bold, funky, and sure to take your style to the next level, our Wavy Patterned Turtleneck is a great piece to pair with a blazer or jacket and help you stand...

Off Shoulder Crop Fur Knit Top

1,499.00 EGP899.00 EGP
Fluffy, comfy, and oh so stylish, our Off Shoulder Crop Fur Knit Top pairs great with pants and skirts to elevate your look!

Argyle Print Sweater Vest

1,499.00 EGP999.00 EGP
A wardrobe essential, our Argyle Print Sweater Vest is the perfect nod to schoolgirl prep! Upgrade your style and pair it with a miniskirt or frayed denim. Brand: OMYO Made...

Oversize Loose Knit Sweater Vest

1,699.00 EGP1,199.00 EGP
An update on a classic style, our Oversize Loose Knit Sweater Vest is a great wardrobe refresher! Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

Oversize Crop Shirt

1,699.00 EGP1,199.00 EGP
Cropped, luxe, and stylish, our Oversize Crop Shirt is an ode to the ultimate chic-girl style! Pair it perfectly with a pair of wide leg trousers to complete your look.

Asymmetrical Belt Slit Jeans

2,299.00 EGP1,200.00 EGP
Where trend and comfort meet, our Asymmetrical Belt Slit Jeans are the perfect piece to liven up your denim game and stand out in the crowd. Brand: OMYO Made in...

Wide Leg High Waist Pants

2,499.00 EGP1,200.00 EGP
Featured in our campaign, our Wide Leg High Waist Pants are a must-have! Perfectly on trend and in fashion, these are our best-sellers.

High Waist Bermuda Leather Shorts

1,999.00 EGP1,399.00 EGP
Don't be a wallflower, stand out with our High Waist Bermuda Leather Shorts! You can dress them up or down to build the perfect look.

High Waist Button Slit Pants

1,899.00 EGP1,399.00 EGP
Bold and daring, our High Waist Button Slit Pants come in a variety of colors so you can pair them perfectly with any of your standout looks! Colorblock or go...

High Waist Wide Leg Patterned Pants

1,699.00 EGP1,399.00 EGP
Are you a risk taker? You don't have to be in our High Waist Wide Leg Patterned Pants! You'll be sure to turn heads and capture everyone's attention with a...

Patterned Satin Waist Tie Crop Blouse

1,699.00 EGP1,399.00 EGP
Go from day to night in our Patterned Satin Waist Tie Crop Blouse!

Oversize Denim Vest

1,799.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
It doesn't matter what you're rocking, our Oversize Denim Vest will match all your outfits perfectly! Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey

Belted Crop Jacket

2,699.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
Take your outfits to the next level with our Belted Crop Jacket. Featuring a stunning belt detail to edge up your style and a crop cut so you stay stylish...
Dark Grey

Oval Cut Cropped Denim Jacket

2,399.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
Kick it old school with our Oval Cut Cropped Denim Jacket. A nod to the '90s, your nostalgia will be cured with this piece!

Oversize Crop Jacket

2,000.00 EGP1,500.00 EGP
A nod to the '90s, our Oversize Crop Jacket dresses up your looks and takes you to maximum cool girl vibes!

Ankle Tie Pants

1,999.00 EGP1,699.00 EGP
Level up your pants game with our Ankle Tie Pants. Featuring an ankle tie detail to elevate your look and give it an extra boost.

Push Detail Slit Pants

2,299.00 EGP1,799.00 EGP
Kick it old school with our Push Detail Slit Pants, the perfect pair for any fashion-forward woman.

Long Sleeve And Flared Pant Set

2,999.00 EGP2,099.00 EGP
It's disco baby! Shop our Long Sleeve and Flared Pant Set and get your groove on in the latest and trendiest from OMYO. Brand: OMYO Made in Turkey